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Best Wedding Dances

While surfing the YouTube one day, I came across some really entertaining wedding dance videos, which would be a great source of inspiration for would-be brides and grooms thinking of spicing up their weddings.  Except for the first video, my liking differs somewhat from the list selected by Mashable, a popular social media news website.

The first video "JK Wedding Entrance Dance" features the wedding of 28 years old Jill Peterson and Kevin Heinz. Jill grew up dancing, wanted to dance on her wedding and Kevin quickly agreed to the idea. Except for the wedding party and their parents, no other wedding guests knew about the dance. The dance party practised for an hour and a half before the ceremony and people were pretty much making up the dance moves as they went (Ref 1).  The video begins with ushers closing the church doors with everything appearing normal. To the surprise of the audience, the ushers, groomsmen and bridesmaids then progressively danced down the aisle to the song of "Forever" by Chris Brown. This culminated in the groom tumbling through the group and the bride dancing down the aisle to meet the groom.

Kevin uploaded the video to YouTube on 19 July 2009 after "harassment by his father-in-law to share it with relatives not present at the wedding". This video went viral, viewed more than 3.5 million times within 48 hours. It became the third most popular video on YouTube in 2009 and as of October 2012, had been viewed over 77 million times. Time magazine ranked it as the 15th greatest YouTube video. Due to the domestic violence that Chris Brown inflicted on his then-girlfriend Rihanna, the couple set up on their website, a charity drive for the Sheila Wellstone Institute, an organization advocating an end to domestic violence.

The "JK Wedding Entrance Dance" has spawned many imitators and parodies. My favourite is the "MK Wedding Entrance Dance" where the men of Chippendales (a male touring striptease dance troup) sent their General Manager, Kristen Makhathini, down the aisle of Classico Wedding Chapel, Caesars Palace at Las Vegas. The spinning of the bride by the groom towards the end of the video is amazing.

On 15 April 2011, the mobile service provider T-Mobile launched a video, portraying the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton weeks before the actual Royal Wedding. as part of its viral marketing strategy.  In this parody of the "JK Wedding Entrance Dance" shot at St. Bartholomew the Great Church in London, royal family look-alikes boogie down the aisle to boy band East 17's "House of Love". Prince Charles and his wife Camilla do the bump, a moderately amused-looking Queen Elizabeth claps conservatively and Prince Harry looks amped up, grooving with a gaggle of bridesmaids before his brother Prince William and the bride Kate Middleton appear (Ref 2).

In the following video, the groom stole the show. From the ways he executed his steps, grooves and gyrations, he is apparently either a professional dancer or has foundations in dancing.  As he moved effortlessly from one dance number to another, the bride could barely keep up with him.

Though released only on 22 Aug 2011, "Marry You" by Bruno Mars has rapidly become a song of choice for many weddings. In this video, the groomsmen danced joyously to the tune of "Marry You" during the wedding reception in what appears to be either a school or community hall. This nicely-choreographed dance gives a rustic and nostalgic feel.

A geeky-looking groom Nate Johnson and his groomsmen in suspenders performed to the catchy tune of "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen for the bride Amy in the following wedding video.

The bride Edi and her bridesmaids danced in synchrony to the quick beats of a medley of popular hits in the following video.

The following is a video filmed by a professional company for Carolyn and Scott Rivers in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. You can sense the celebratory mood in this fun-filled video which narrates the wedding in which the wedding participants lip-synched against the background song of "Party Rock Anthem" - a mostly electronic composition from the America pop music duo LMFAO.

"Gangnam Style" had crept into many wedding receptions, including the one shown below.

The Asian couple in the following video were apparently enjoying their wedding dance very much, as shown by the radiance beamed from their faces. The video was filmed at Paradise Point in San Diego, USA.

If you do have enough, you can go this website which is dedicated to the coverage of wedding dances.


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