Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Altona Classic Car Show 2012

The Altona Classic Car Show stands out among the various activities of the Altona Beach Festival.  Vintage cars were already being displayed during previous bayside festivals. But it was only at the 2011 Altona Beach Festival that a Car Show became a major event.

Several members of the Hobsons Bay Mens Shed were keen to show off their classic cars. A member Graham Weightman suggested establishing a Car Torque program on the first Sunday of each month. After accomplishing this, the Mens Shed decided to hold a Car Show in conjunction with the then newly-formed Altona Beach Festival. The Car Show turned out to be a great success, with the proceeds used to help supporting the many activities of the Mens Shed for its members, their families and the community.


The 2012 Car Show continued in the same tradition with the Hobsons Bay Mayor Tony Briffa presenting the trophies to the winners. There are about 120 mostly local participants this year, slightly down from 140 entries the previous year, mostly due to other car show events within the Hobsons Bay area.


The 2012 Car Show features:
  • a greater showing of motor bikes
  • a few large trucks
  • a sausage sizzle and a coffee vendor 
  • ferrying of visitors from Pier Street to the Apex Park site by a double decker bus
  • a display of new cars by Werribee Nissan Group


Results of the Car Show Competition

The judges were specialists from the motor industry specialists and members of the Werribee Classic Car Group. The winners for the two categories are as follows:

Class Year Car Model Owner
Overall Best Car 1960-1970 HD Holden   Steven Tandic 
Original 1920-1930 Rugby Tourer, Owner   Robert Randle
1930-1940 Hupmobile   Harold Doerner 
1940-1950 Austin A40 Devon   Eddy Maddon 
1950-1960 Austin A40 Devon   Kevin Castle 
1960-1970 HD Holden   Steven Tandic 
1970-1980 Ford Fairlane   John Rennie 
Custom 1920-1930 Ford Bucket   DJ Anthony 
1930-1940 A Model Ford Roadstar   Angelo Magro 
1940-1950 Ford Single Spinner   Colleen Baldwin 
1950-1960 Ford Single Spinner   Les Morrisson 
1960-1970 Ford Capri   Brian Borg 
1970-1980 HZ Holden Statesman   Charlie Calleja 

There is a concern that the Altona Beach Festival may not be held on an annual basis due to funding difficulties. However, operating cost concerns will not be so relevant to the Car Show. The entrants themselves are paying to show off their cars. There will not be much overheads as long as Hobsons Bay Council supports this initiative of the Mens Shed through provision of space for the event. The Classic Car Show can in fact be run independently even if the Altona Beach Festival is skipped for a particular year. This type of show is always going to be a source of fascination for many people so there will not be a lack of audience.


The Mens Shed holds a "Car Torque" Classic Car Group Meet at its premise (opposite Kooringal Golf Club) on the first Sunday of each month from 10 am to 3 pm, during which the public can view the vehicles and have a sausage sizzle .

Thanks to Graeme of Hobsons Bay Mens Shed for providing the information. I will write more about the Mens Shed in a separate post.


alice said...

Those cars are amazing. are they vintage?

Anthony Ang said...

According to Wikipedia, vintage cars are those from 1919 to late 1930. There are 1920-1940 categories. So based on this definition, yes there are vintage cars.

Car Auction said...

Love all the vintage car. Specially the the blue one I think that is Ford Bucket. Really beautiful. I would love to drive it.

Laraine Hill said...

March 16, 2014 this Car Show is on again. Hope to see lots of entrants at Apex Park Queen Street Altona

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